E3 2013: Fez 2 Announced (Kind Of)

Polytron, the team behind Fez, the 2D platform game that received as much love for its unique and innovative gameplay as it did hate as many gamers grew to dislike the people behind the game (covered here at Hardcore Gamer), announced at E3 that Fez 2 is now in development. Details are very scarce as all that was revealed by the developers, during the Horizon Indie Press Conference, was a logo for the game followed by another logo for the company. Shortly after on their website, they posted a video entitled an “anoun-cement” which also refused to divulge any details about the game leaving players with little idea as to exactly what the game will be and whether it will be following the first Fez in terms of gameplay and style. Although announced, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a release anytime soon considering just how long the first game took to come out although we at Hardcore Gamer will do our best to keep you updated whenever we can.