E3 2013: AMD Talks Next Gen and Doubles Down on PC

While at E3, I had a chance to chat with the fine people at AMD. I was pretty amazed at the renewed vigor and commitment that was on display at the booth this year. Not to say that AMD does a less than stellar job at the show, because they don’t, but the perception of AMD’s presence in the PC gaming world has been a little overshadowed by some of the hype that seems to consistently follow their green adversary. With all these things in mind, I sauntered over to the AMD booth of E3 2013 and found myself surrounded by cyborgs, a five screen display of Tomb Raider, and a lot of damn people in capes. From this, questions emerged, and they were mostly about the insane 5 screen Eyefinity display.

While at the show, you aren’t going to get more than product specs, and market speak, but you may be surprised to learn that AMD is in all three of the major consoles, and less surprised to find that they won’t tell us crap about which one is more powerful than the other. So here you have it, a brief little chat with Robert at AMD. Beware there are words that may only contain four or fewer letters in this video. If hearing me say badass, or s**t disturbs you, then you may want to watch this with the subtitles I didn’t add in yet. Otherwise I would just be upset with having to hear my whiny girl voice.