E3 2013 Best Fighting Game

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Best Fighting Game

Killer Instinct
The Killer Instinct brand has been dormant for many a year. While the initial title spawned a successful franchise back in the day, it lost its luster once the fighting game boom died out in the late 90s. Contrarily, and despite its popularity, it failed to jump on the fighter resurgence that occurred a few years back as well; however, that hasn’t stopped Rare and Double Helix from arriving at the dance nonetheless. While it’s a little late to the party, the forthcoming Xbox One exclusive looks to be a hard-hitting fighter laden with combo attacks and button-mashing. Perhaps that will be the game’s ultimate drawback (being a fairly easy game to pick up and play for anyone) when it comes to hardcore genre enthusiasts, but one cannot deny that what was shown off was impressive. If Microsoft continues with this quality of exclusive games, perhaps they can one day wash the awful, awful taste they left in everyone’s mouth after that E3 presentation.
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