E3 2013 Best PS3 Game

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Best PS3 Game

Dragon’s Crown
This tribute to the Dungeons & Dragons brawlers has been slowly percolating in the depths of Vanillaware’s headquarters. The gorgeous 2D animation on dozens of painted sprites and backgrounds isn’t the kind of thing that can be rushed, but the wait is finally over and E3’s demo showed off the fighting in all its fluid glory. Giant muscled warriors laid the smackdown on hordes of enemy spawn, with direct melee and magic attacks used in equal measure. The PS3 and Vita versions are identical, and even support cross-platform saves if you’ve bought both versions. No cross-platform multiplay, though, which is kind of disappointing. Dragon’s Crown looked to be an epic RPG/brawler for up to four players simultaneously, and while this leads to massive chaos on the battlefield, it’s the kind of insanity that makes for the best in cooperative gaming.
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