E3 2013 Best Wii U Game

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Best Wii U Game

Bayonetta 2
 When the Big N showed off Bayonetta 2 in their E3 Nintendo Direct, fans of the series and Platinum Games went wild with excitement. The trailer was full of everything we adored about the original title: frenetic gameplay, crazy, over-the-top action and a ravishing temptress heroine that exuded sex appeal, a new hairdo and some new azure colored, death-dealing handguns. After the presentation, it was then revealed that the game would include some kind of two-player cooperative mode, further blowing fans’ minds, especially considering how the developers hinted at possibly including Jeanne from the first game as the second playable character. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, whether it was the new moves, new modes, new set pieces or new outfits, one aspect of the first game seems fully intact in this new installment: fast, combo-heavy, ridiculously bonkers beat’em up action that is rich with all sorts of that one-of-a-kind Platinum Games goodness.
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