E3 2013 Missing in Action

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Missing in Action at E3

The Last Guardian
I was waiting for an announcement on The Last Guardian all throughout the Sony press conference, holding out hope to the very end that it was going to show up in some form. Then I searched both the regular Sony booth on the show floor and the smaller SCEE room upstairs, to no effect. The Last Guardian wasn’t there. Worse than that, Jack Tretton announced that the game is “on hiatus”. There’s still a dim hope that maybe it will get revamped as a PS4 title, maybe it’s buried deep in the heart of Sony development and will arrive before the end of the PS3’s life cycle, maybe Fumito Ueda will be joined by Shigeru Miyamoto, Warren Spector, Jeff Minter, Jonathan Blow, notch, and Shinji Mikami to see it through to completion. Or maybe “on hiatus” means what everyone thinks it means, and we’ll never get to play Team Ico’s third game. No matter what happens, E3 felt a little emptier once the hope of The Last Guardian showing up was dashed.
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