Infamous and Jak and Daxter Collections Being Sold For Under $15

First up is the Infamous Collection, which includes both full games in the franchise plus the DLC for the first and the Festival of Blood expandalone content for a mere $10 at Best Buy. The only caveat to this is that it’s a used game and may have the redemption codes already used. Having never purchased something from Best Buy’s site used with one of those, I’m unsure if it’s like Gamefly and they’ll be unused or not. For Jak and Daxter fans, you can get the HD collections of the PS2 games…not counting Jak X, which is a real shame since it’s an incredible kart racer for a mere $13 on Amazon, or $10 at Gamestop. Unfortunately, the cheapest shipping option there is $3.50, which means that Amazon‘s price is actually a bit cheaper if you’re a Prime member and that includes free 2-day shipping.