Are You Ready to Brawl in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z?

Despite the silly name, Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z will be the next big installment in the beloved fighting game franchise. While the last iteration (Dragon Ball Z for Kinect) was an absolute disaster, Namco Bandai is looking to rekindle what made people fall in love with the series, not to mention adding a whole bunch of new mechanics.

Battle of Z will feature up to eight players online to play cooperatively or competitively. The game will obviously ¬†include all your favorite characters along with some beautiful cel-shaded visuals.¬†Unfortunately, we don’t know how far the story will go as the trailer we’re given only goes up to the Freeza saga. Here’s hoping there’s more than that. Regardless, Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z will be out on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita at a later date.