Pre-Order Beyond: Two Souls at Sony Store For $35

Well, this is quite a surprise. After Newegg sold a ton of The Last of Us for $46, it seemed like that would be the best deal going for latter-day PS3 new releases but Sony themselves has topped it. If you pre-order Beyond: Two Souls at the Sony Store, you can get in on a massive $25 off retail price. Shipping is free, but tax is charged, and brought the total to around $37 for me. A variety of payment options are available, including Paypal, so if you’re a heavy ebay seller and have some extra money in that account, you’ve got no reason to miss out on this fantastic deal.

[UPDATE] Unfortunately, this deal has ended after just a few hours of activity. Keep checking the Sony store, Newegg, Amazon, and anywhere else you pre-order games in order to snag a pre-order deal on it.