Dragon Quest X Coming to PC in September, in Japan

The once Nintendo-exclusive Dragon Quest X is in the works of reaching a broader audience, Square Enix announced today. The Wii and Wii U MMORPG of one of Square’s biggest JRPG franchises has not exactly lived up to expectations since its launch last August, despite selling nearly half a million units on Nintendo’s previous console and about 50,000 on Wii U. Even with the combined impressive total, these are actually rather meek numbers in comparison to the big tally marks the Dragon Quest series usually puts on the board in Japan. Thus in recognizing the need for this giant massively multiplayer online roleplaying game to make up for its slow sales, Square is turning to the PC market.

During a special ten hour livestream of the game, Square Enix revealed that Dragon Quest X will launch on PCs this coming September 26…in Japan. Womp, womp. No word on if the game will finally earn that much needed, and much desired localization, but the company did confirm that the base game will retail for approximately $40, with a deluxe edition launching at around $100. The latter will include a copy of the game, a specific DQX controller, a monster encyclopedia, a microfiber map of the game world, a security token and a few other in-game goodies to pimp your avatar. That’s a solid deluxe release if you ask us, and we can only cross every appendage on our body in hopes that Square sharpens up and brings this game to the West. So, send them e-mails, snail mail and tweets to make it happen. That’s what we plan on doing, anyway.