Konami Teaming with Insert Coin to Release Line of Silent Hill 2 Inspired Apparel

Remember playing Silent Hill 2 twelve years ago whilst admiring James Sunderland and wishing you could emulate him? Your wish has been granted as Konami is teaming up with UK video game-inspired clothing retailer, Insert Coin, to deliver a line of Silent Hill 2 merchandise. Highlighting the line is a replication of protagonist’s James Sunderland’s military jacket, complete with stitching, patches and four pockets. The good news about it finally coming after relevancy is that instead of looking like a dorky teen, you can probably pull it off as ironic chique as an adult.

Besides the jacket are three t-shirts inspired by the game, including one for the Historical Society, Lakeview Hotel and “Radio Repairs.” No replica Pyramid Head, unfortunately.

The line is set to launch within the coming weeks, so stay glued and we’ll make sure to update you when it becomes available.

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