Iwata Mulls Over Bringing Virtual Boy Games to eShop

In a Japanese investor Q&A yesterday, Iwata was expressed a small openness to bring Virtual Boy games to the 3DS virtual console — or at at the very least, admittal that the console exists.

The question (roughly translated was):

“You are looking forward to much virtual console of Nintendo 3DS since out, but I want you to restore the Virtual Boy soon. Or not the plan. Because I think those who do not is the thing that’s of or below the age of their own, were also played quite a lot, I want you to examine it by all means.”

To which Iwata replied:

“For products that have not been announced at this time, I am not afford to say here, Nintendo has released previously, Virtual Boy is a game machine in the world of only black and red that looks three-dimensional look into. It did not go very well as a business, but who He will say that there was also attractive very unique in the flow of those days so come, as to whether not utilize well the software assets of Virtual Boy, valuable I look forward as your opinion. Thank you all!”

So it seems like there’s been no internal interest of doing Virtual Boy releases, but they recognize the appeal and are open to the idea in the future. The Virtual Boy has a very small library with just 22 games released, so it wouldn’t be that much of an undertaking to get all of the games on the Virtual Console or even just the best ones (Wario World, Red Alarm, Galactic Pinball, Mario Tennis, Vertical Force and Jack Bros.). That being said, the nature of the Virtual Boy is very unique, so it would likely have to be more than a simple port, but instead a remake. Whether this is lucrative enough or not is questionable.

Ah well, let’s just keep bugging Iwata anyways.