Irrational Games to Unveil New Bioshock Infinite DLC Late July

First reported by Spike TV host Geoff Keighley, Irrational Games is set to reveal information concerning the first Bioshock Infinite DLC add on sometime in late July. Joystiq had heard the same rumors, but was a bit more hesitant about the nature of the DLC. They reported that it is not currently known if this will be one of the story packs of DLC Irrational Games has been promising or if it will be more similar to the “Colombia’s Finest” DLC pack released recently on Steam which only included some weapon upgrades and lock picks. Work on the first of three confirmed story focused DLC sets has already begun and it has been rumored that the first set will feature a new character to serve as a sidekick/assistant similar to the role of Elizabeth in the main game. It seems somewhat unlikely that they would hype the DLC prior to release if it was just another goody pack, but we’ll have to wait for some actual news before getting excited about the prospect of more Bioshock Infinite.