Nintendo Announces New Ugly Type Pokemon

Wait, I meant Steel and Ghost type. My mistake. While we have had a fairly steady stream of new Pokemon leaking for the upcoming games Pokemon X and Y, some of these leaks I wish had been plugged. I feel weird criticizing Nintendo for lazily designed Pokemon these last couple of generations, especially when their first generation included Pokemon that were a seal creature named Seel and a mime Pokemon named Mr. Mime, but at least those didn’t look absolutely ridiculous (well, Mr. Mime did, but whatever). Things didn’t get any better today when they announced…well, uh…this thing.

honedge-official-artThat strange looking creature is called Honedge (pronounced “Never Leaving His Spot in Box 2 After You Catch Him”) and was unveiled by Game Freak director Junichi Matsuda at the Japan Expo in Paris, presumably to cries of sacrebleu. Honedge is a ghost spirit that has attached itself to the sword and uses that blue cloth at its hilt to drain the opponent of its energy, which actually sounds pretty cool. This is one of those interesting in concept but ugly in execution Pokemon that have been popping up with increased regularity in the past couple Pokemon generations. While a Steel and Ghost cross sounds like a very tantalizing mixture, I’d be too embarrassed to carry this thing around in my party for fear of the other trainers laughing at me. It is already confirmed to be able to learn the move Swords Dance (because this is also a party type Pokemon) and will most likely have a nice assortment of Ghost and Steel moves at its disposal as well. Make sure you check back regularly so we can update you on all the breaking Pokemon news, as presumably they’ll announced Lamp-adon and Orangejuiceados sometime next week.