Earthworm Jim’s Creator Teases at New Installment Through Facebook Post

At a time (1994) when video games were still playing around with humor, Earthworm Jim nailed the concept with a dark comic book style, and an impeccable mixture of grade school laughs and Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy dry wit. Combine that with some lively shooter gameplay and, even if you never played it, you can probably see why it is the beloved cult hit it is today.

Unfortunately the series took a nosedive with Earthworm Jim 3D and never recovered, sending the franchise into obscurity for new gamers, and nostalgia for the original fans.

There’s a possibility that may change though, as series creator Doug TenNapel has taken to Facebook and asked fans what an appropriate name for the next Earthworm Jim game would be if he were making one, considering that he doesn’t think of the third game as part of the cannon.

Granted it’s a long way from any guarantees, but it’s an odd question to ask out of the blue, and has the series faithful eager for the possibility that a comeback is in the works. Not to mention that ever since the release of Mega Man 9, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched that games of old can make a glorious return to the modern age without sacrificing any of the things that made them so great in the first place.

So here’s hoping that this isn’t just idle chatter as gaming could use the return of the light hearted antics of Jim, Bob the Killer Goldfish, and the rest of the gang more than ever.