The President of Nintendo Knows What the Wii U Needs to Succeed

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata knows what the Wii U needs to succeed: keeping first party releases on a regular schedule and helping third party titles become a hit, Iwata said in a recent shareholders meeting.

He said once first party games get the momentum of the Wii U moving, the third party developers will jump on board because they will see the Wii U as being a profitable platform to develop on.

“As third-party software developers do business for their own profits, they tend to avoid investing in a platform with little presence,” said Iwata. “We would therefore like them to see Wii U as a platform with which they feel they can make profits from an economical perspective. However, if we tried to do nothing but buying our way to create such a good condition for developers, our own business could collapse.”

Hopefully this will mean at least we will see some great new games from Nintendo being released in a steady stream. Let’s face it, that’s the reason most of us bought a Wii U.

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