NHL Hitz 2013 Version 2 Now Available to Download

Those of you around in the early aughts (on a side note: it’s depressing in a “I’m getting old” way that the era is starting to become nostalgic) may remember a series of NHL games from Midway called “NHL Hitz.” A spin-off from Midway’s super-popular NFL Blitz series, Hitz featured fast-paced hockey in an arcade style with a focus on hits and entertaining gameplay rather than the realism of EA’s NHL series. Three Hitz were released for PS2/Gamecube/Xbox, including Hitz 2002, Hitz 2003 and Hitz Pro before its untimely demise in late 2003.

Thankfully, passion for the series never died and there has been an ongoing project to continue the franchise in a series of fan-released games. Version 1.0 was released in early 2013 and now 2.0 is available to download absolutely free.

The game features updated rosters for every team as of June 2013, play-play commentary names for every player, updated arena textures for all NHL teams, updated rink ads, updated national teams, graphic updates and more.

Check out some screenshots below: