Tampering with A4tech’s V8MA Mouse

Anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis has at least used a mouse once in their life and, for the most part, performance differences are minimal to them. That’s where A4tech’s Bloody Ultra Gaming Gear V8MA mouse comes in, offering a number of performance enhancing features to give that hardcore gamer the edge in a digital firefight. While we primarily cover software here at Hardcore Gamer, we decided to take this gamer-specific mouse for a whirl.

Through the Bloody3 program you need to download, you can adjust the Dpi of the V8MA from anywhere between 200 and 3,200. The mouse supports up to five different segments that allows you to change the Dpi on the fly with a double click of the mouse wheel. I didn’t find this particularly useful, but it could come in handy when switching between games or during alternate combat scenarios. Thankfully, there’s a button reassignment section of the program if the player needs some adjusting, and it especially helped me for more daily chores. For whatever reason, the back and forward buttons on the side were reversed, or at least from what I’ve come to expect, so having the option to modify them is highly appreciated. The mouse also supports lightning speed response time, clocking in a minuscule 1ms delay, leaving its competition in the dust.


The best and most brilliant feature the Bloody V8MA handles is the three firing rates. Similar to a weapon selection in a game, you have single-shot, semi-automatic and automatic guns to choose from. These have been essentially mapped to three buttons that can be interchanged on the fly, allowing even a pistol to be the quickest and deadliest weapon on the map. To be honest, this almost feels like a cheat if going into a multiplayer match considering it’s much faster than rapidly clicking and significantly more accurate. Kickback almost means nothing. Regardless, this will give you the edge in most situations.

Another strong element Bloody V8MA has is presentation values. For one, this is a nice sleek mouse that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The texture feels great and best of all, there’s some fantastic LED lighting. Not only does the mouse wheel glow three different colors (red, yellow and green), but the back fades in and out until the mouse is moved. Attach that with a braided cord and you have a mouse that is one of the most visually appealing devices on the market.


The biggest problem the mouse faces is elevation. Because my computer is below my desk and the mouse goes out the back, it’s a struggle to keep the cursor in one spot. Maybe it’s the lightweight frame mixed together with the strong cable that’s doing it, but the mouse will continue to pull itself forwards ever so subtly, and it becomes an increasing annoyance, especially when trying to click on a folder. The number of times I accidentally dragged one folder into another is countless at this point. After about two to three weeks of adjustments, the steadiness has improved but still remain a problem. It could be certain conditions in my general vicinity, but it’s something that was an instant disappointment.

I felt my time with A4tech’s mouse to be a generally positive experience with a few loose screws. On one hand, it’s a nice sleek device that comes with colorful LED lights and strong performance advantages. On the other, I ran into problems with it during general use such as the frequent dragging whenever letting go of the mouse. If you’re a dedicated and very competitive gamer who plays shooters nonstop, then the Bloody Ultra Gaming Gear V8MA is certainly a strong contender for your attention.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Core 3 Software – Advanced Weapon Tuning
  • Exclusive X-Glide Metal Feet, Tested Approved for 180km Durability*
  • Bloody Breathing light
  • 3 modes of Left Click
  • Weapon Mode Indicator LED
  • 160K Onboard Memory