Steam Summer Sale Hits its Second Day

Day two of the big Steam summer sale is upon us.  Yesterday’s sale brought bargains to great games like Anti-Chamber and Scribblenauts Unlimited, and today’s discounts some of the past year’s best games…and some that aren’t.  Black Ops 2, down to $30 and Fez also gets a 50% drop down to $5. Chivalry gets a 75% drop down to $6, while Darksiders 2 is a mere $10, Anno 2070 is $15, Surgeon Simulator 2013 is $3, while Just Cause 2 is only $3 and FTL is even less than that at $2.50. Sniper 2 is $5, and the Walking Dead is $6. Black Ops 2, Fez, Darksiders 2, the Walking Dead, and Just Cause 2 are easy to recommend.