Steam Summer Sale Enters Fourth Day

The Steam summer sale has been incredible so far, and today offers up more great value. Kerbal Space Program is $14, while Sanctum 2 is $7.50, The Sims 3 is $15, Remember Me gets a quick price drop down to $30, Total War Shogun 2 is $7.50, Arma 2 is $4.41, Eador is $12, Portal 2 is $5, and in the biggest values of the day, Hitman: Absolution is $6 and Fallout: New Vegas is a mere $2.50. The latter are absolute must-haves if your setups are strong enough, although it is worth noting that New Vegas does have issues with Windows 8 setups, so you may want to avoid that or just pick it up and hope the problems get worked out down the line. The flash sales have a little over four hours remaining, and include Doom 3: BFG Edition for $5, Impira for $5, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon for $9, and NBA 2K13: Executive Produced By Jay-Z (yes, that is actually in the logo) for $7.50.