Dragon’s Crown to Include Three Difficulties with Three Level Caps

August 6 is fast approaching. What’s so special about the sixth day of the month originally named Sextilis in Latin? Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown, of course! The PlayStation 3 and Vita side-scrolling action-RPG is shaping up to be a contender for Game of the Year, that much is certain. With high marks coming from Japanese critics, and a toppling amount of hype seething from gamers and us journalists alike, it’s no surprise that the industry is abuzz with any news concerning the beautiful little thing. Thus, today’s news should be all the more tantalizing as the game’s developer pulled back the curtain on two key features in the title: its suite of difficulty options and level cap.

The latter should actually read level caps, with an ‘s’, as it was announced that the game will include three difficulties that each come with their own level cap. What that means is this: Dragon’s Crown’s Normal mode will cap players at level 35, while Hard mode will take folks to 65. Once players have bested that, Inferno mode then opens up giving fans the reins to take their characters all the way to 99. This news should be seen as all the more impressive considering it will reportedly take approximately 20 hours to play through just one character’s story. If we start doing some simple math here, six characters multiplied by 20 hours equals 120 hours worth of just seeing the narrative. Throw in the ability to unlock difficulty modes and max out stats, and suddenly Dragon’s Crown is a massive game with at least a few hundred hours of beat’em up goodness in which to indulge.

Thank you, Vanillaware and Atlus for making Dragon’s Crown a thing. We are forever grateful for your wonderful tastes. Dragon’s Crown will be available for PS3 and PSV on August 6 — don’t miss it.