Weekly PS Store Update Goes Live

Today’s PSN store update is now available, and includes a new freebie and deals. Also, The Smurfs 2 game is available! Zeno Clash II hits the system for $15, while Zone of the Enders HD is $10 while the sequel is $20. Hot Shots: World Invitation is $20, while Do Not Fall is $10. On the Vita, players can enjoy Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (formerly known as Stealth Bastards) for $10. PSP owners can enjoy a bundle of four Ben 10 games for $30. Also on the PSP, Metal Slug XX is free via PS+, and is playable on the Vita.

Full game discounts include Draw Slasher for $3.19, Carnival Island for $5, Sorcery for $5, Datura for $2.50, and a pre-order of the upcoming PLAY 2013 platformer Cloudberry Kingdom for $8 instead of the usual $10.Demos are available for Storm and Zeno Clash II, while FUSE has received a price drop from $60 to $40. Other games have received temporary price drops, with Critter Crunch and Everyday Shooter being deeply-discounted for $1, Odin Sphere and Disgaea on the PS2 for $5, and a slew of Shin Megami Tensai and Tom Clancy games for $10 each.