Indie Royale Indie Gamer Chick Bundle Launched

The Indie Gamer Chick has teamed up with Indie Royale to create the Indie Gamer Chick bundle. By paying the current minimum of $4, you’ll get Dead Pixels, Chester, Antipole, LaserCat, Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos, Little Racers Street, SpyLeaks, and Orbitron: Revolution. Every game activates on Desura, while Dead Pixels is available on Steam and Chester, Smooth Operators, LRS, and SpyLeaks are on Greenlight. A mystery game will unlock at some point, and those who pay $8 or more will get the OST for GunSlugs, which would seem to indicate that GunSlugs will be the mystery game.

The bundled games give you some pixel art shooting, precision platformer, puzzle-platforming, crazy shoot-em-up action,  a fast-paced sim game, an overhead stealth game, and an isometric racer that will evoke memories of RC Pro Am in retro gamers. For $4, there’s a lot of good stuff included. Many of these games have been included in prior bundles, but if they seem interesting to you and you missed out on those bundles, this is a great way to get them at a reduced price.