New Batch of Star Wars Domains Registered, Point to the Possibility of a New Rogue Squadron

This morning Fusible reported that Disney has been registering a few domain names, all of them being variations of “Star Wars: Attack Squadron”. Now, you could make the case that this is just the name of a new TV show, future movie project, or even a new book series. But my dream is for this to be a new Rogue Squadron-type game.

I’m incredibly excited to see what this turns into. I’ve been a fan of Star Wars flight games since playing the simulation game “X-Wing” at a very young age, all the way through to the more arcade-like “Rogue Squadron” games. If this really does turn out to be a new Star Wars flight game, I think it’s safe to say that, at least the video game-side of the Star Wars brand has found a good home in Disney’s hands.