Medaka Box English Cast Announced

Sentai Filmworks’ Medaka Box hits North American shores in just a few weeks’ time. Up until now, the distributor has been hush-hush about the actors hired to voice the series’ dub. As of today, however, that silence has officially been broken and we’ve been given a finalized cast. Heading up the project is Steven Foster, a name synonymous with great dub works such as 5 Centimeters Per Second, Appleseed and Grave of Fireflies (just to name a few). With Foster at the helm, many will feel confident that the dub will deliver solid performances thanks to his directorial consistency in the dubbed world over the last few years.

Outside of him, though, many of the voice actors will be recognizable to those who follow English adaptations. Scope the full cast below and then make ready your wallet in preparation for Madaka’s first season when it goes on sale August 27 for Blu-ray and DVD.

English Cast

  • Medaka Kurokami — Shelley Calene-Black
  • Zenkichi Hitoyoshi — Andrew Love
  • Hansode Shiranui — Hilary Haag
  • Kouki Akune — Tyler Galindo
  • Mogana Kikaijima — Maggie Flecknoe

Also starring…

  • Brittney Karbowski
  • Monica Rial
  • Ross Bautsch
  • Luci Christian
  • Rozie Curtis
  • Joshua Sheltz
  • David Wald
  • Meg McDonald
  • Greg Ayres
  • Rachel Logue
  • Laurel Schroeder
  • Ben Warner
  • Dylan Godwin
  • Robert L. Meek
  • Parke Fech
  • Mike Yager
  • Elizabeth Bunch
  • David Matranga
  • Anthony Hunter