Dropchord Released on OUYA

Dropchord, developed by the same Double Fine team behind Kinect Party, has hit the OUYA storefront. It’s also on IOS, so those of you with those devices can enjoy it. The best way I can think of to describe is like Super Hexagon with its pacing, but a more puzzle-oriented gameplay style and a bit of Qix thrown in for good measure. It’s got the line-heavy look of that game, with SH’s bright colors-on-black color scheme, but uses the left and right stick to control things.

The main game has you move the sticks to control ends of a line and then have that line touch some circles in the center while avoiding a slow-moving enemy that will take a life away (much like Qix). Bonus rounds can be accessed after a stage and allow you to move blue circles into slots – which sort of resembles¬† adding eyeballs to eye sockets. It’s a really fun simple game with a solid trance soundtrack that sounds exactly like what you’d hear in Super Hexagon. For $3, there’s quite a bit of fun to be had with the full game, and you get a few credits free to try it out and see if you dig it.