Adventure Time App Gets Updated with ‘Library of Doom’

What time is it? It’s time for you to play Legends of Ooo again on your mobile device because there’s more content to explore. Lumpy Space Princess is spreading everyone’s personal information around with a book she wrote. Oh my glob, right? The nerve of her. Anyway, she’s out there making a mess and now it’s up to Jake, Finn and you to clean it all up. But that’s not all. You must find the book before it falls into the hands of someone even more outrageous and perhaps even dastardly.

The update is called Library of Doom, see how dastardly that is? There are so many secrets in LSP’s book that it would be an utter disaster if someone read it. They would even find out how to access Lumpy Space!  Search the land for clues on the whereabouts of the book. Other than that you can play mini-games with BMO and enjoy voiceover work from the real actors. It’s free for those who’ve already downloaded the app but if you need to get it, the total cost will run a buck…plus tax. But if you buy it now, there’s another adventure already included. Get your booty moving and help find that book or the Land of Ooo will turn to a land of…poo. And that would stink big time.