New Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Footage Released

Maybe we’re just looking for a reason to go to Dave and Busters instead of mediocre bar food, but Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has tickled our fancy in all the right places. After a good quality version of the debut trailer, we have new footage of the game in action. As a bonus, it comes with an adorable Japanese kid who is surprisingly good at the game. He has an even better attention span and gives us a glimpse at the menus, showing off the different modes and characters. Graphically, the game looks great and easily rivals the Wii U. The framerate is butter-smooth and the game pops off the HD monitor. The stage played looks very colorful and features some interesting kart and track design. The video also shows off the cabinet, which features a “tap card” like system to save progress.

Finally, getting first place doesn’t give you a free race, but it does give you a robotic Yoshi that grants you some sort of bonus item.