Nintendo Picks Least Appealing Games Possible for August Club Nintendo Rewards

It’s the first Monday in the month, which means it’s time to take a gander at some new digital Club Nintendo rewards we probably won’t buy. That’s not so much because the games are unappealing, but because we’d rather have physical rewards. Just look at that new Pikmin Tote Bag — isn’t it adorable? But you can’t fill a download code with your collection of plush Bulbords. This month, however, we’re not redeeming our coins for the digital games not because we have an unhealthy obsession with video game collectibles, but because it’s the most stagnant line-up of games possible.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.02.34 PMFor the Wii there’s the most unknown Wario game ever created in Wario’s Woods (a puzzle game that was added to the Virtual Console seven years ago) and NES Play Action Football. Indeed, Nintendo couldn’t be bothered to offer us anything more appealing than a twenty-three year old football game. In fact, it was already offered as a Club Nintendo Bonus last year. For the 3DS, there’s one section of DSiware release, Brain Age Express, with Brain Age Express: Sudoku. Right, let me just rush out and redeem my hard-earned coins for a four year old sudoku mini-game.  Rounding out the package is the admittedly good Mario Golf, but when Mario Golf is the highlight of a selection of games, well… I think that statement speaks for itself.

Offering digital games as Club Nintendo rewards is a fine practice, but it seems that little to no effort went into selecting games that people would actually want to play. I mean, Wario’s Woods and Brain Age Express: Sudoku? Did Nintendo throw a dart at a giant wall of forgotten games? After a lame Platinum/Gold reward, hopefully there’s something next month to get us more excited, or we might just order twenty Pikmin tote bags. That’s possible, right?