Peer Inside El Infierno in Guacamelee!

If you’ve had Guacamelee! since it launched, but haven’t seen much of a reason to return to the lucha-themed Metroidvania game, then perhaps the new El Infierno DLC will entice you to fire it up again. For $3, you get a new set of challenge rooms located near the desert area. To make use of it, you’ll need to have access to the dimension swap and chicken-changing abilities. Once you have those, you can go into the desert, find a dead end near the start of the area, swap into the death dimension, and then drop down an area as the chicken. It’s a bit complicated, but worth the effort.


When you reach El Infierno, you’re greeted by a slew of dead slaves who lament their prior boss. Then you meet one of the game’s many chickens, although this one is rather angry. The elevator to his office has been closed down and he’ll need your help going through a slew of challenges to find his oh-so-important paperwork. In order to help him, you’ll have to bust through blocks to reach the challenge areas. There, you’ll find a slew of doors in a row that you need to conquer. These challenge will require you to reach a goal in a certain time, reach a certain score, pass through thorn patches, or engage in some precision platforming. They’re tough, but feature a gradually-increasing difficulty so they don’t get too frustrating.


The variety in the challenges keeps them fresh, and the allure of a new medal will have you trying again and again if you come close the first time. It’s like the PGR series — you start playing, get a bronze, and then can’t help but want to gain a higher medal. Silver seems attainable, but then you see all silvers and decide you need gold. It’s madness! Unless of course you’re able to get a gold in your first try. It’s a rarity, but feels really rewarding when it happens. For $3, there’s a reasonably high amount of fun to be had here. There isn’t a lot of content in terms of quantity, but the quality is great and doing well even rewards you with new outfits.