New Cutie Honey OVA to Release This Year

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the beloved franchise, it was announced earlier today that New Cutie Honey OVA will be released on December 6th. (Finally, we get a solid date!) This is kind of a big deal, though, seeing as new material from Cutie has not been released since the famous film and the 2004 3-part OVA. Of course, the series goes back much further back, originally created by Gou Nagai in 1973. But why is all of this so important? Well, the fact that Cutie Honey is considered to be one of the first female heroes in a shounen series is something rather monumental.

Outside of the forthcoming OVA, news has also broken about Cutie Honey Complete coming to Blu-Ray October 11. Suffice to say, the end of 2013 will indeed be a glorious time for Honey-heads.