Newly Revealed Sonic: Lost World Cutscene Bursts With Energy

While many seem to be down on Sonic: Lost World (unfairly so, as Sonic Generations proved Sega was still capable of making a competent 3D Sonic title), we’ve played the game multiple times and can confirm that it’s worthy of the franchise name — and your attention. To further prove this, a new cutscene from the game was just released that shows it carries some thematic weight behind it as well. It’s hard to understand exactly what’s going on in the video as all the dialogue is in Japanese, but it introduces multiple characters and plotlines to the proceedings (including Eggman being terrorized and Tails being injured). Besides that, there’s some slickly directed action that looks better than the cutscenes we’ve grown accustomed to in Sonic games.

A Nintendo exclusive, Sonic Lost World is due out October 22 for the Wii U and 3DS.