Toonami Numbers for August 3 are In

So the numbers are in from this Saturday nights’ TOONAMI. According to TVbytheNumbers, the stats look a little something like this:

  • 12:00AM Bleach 1.0 HH, 1.559 million
  • 12:30AM Naruto 0.9 HH, 1.152 million
  • 1:00AM One Piece 0.8 HH, 1.025 million
  • 1:30AM Soul Eater 0.7 HH, 933,000
  • 2:00AM Sword Art Online 0.7 HH, 840,000
  • 2:30AM IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix 0.6 HH, 708,000
  • 3:00AM Eureka 7 0.6 HH, 703,000
  • 3:30AM Big O/An 0.5 HH, 619,000
  • 4:00AM Fullmetal: Brotherhood 0.5 HH, 634,000
  • 4:30AM Cowboy Bebop 0.5 HH, 640,000
  • 5:00AM Inuyasha 0.5 HH, 696,000
  • 5:30AM Inuyasha 0.5 HH, 701,000

As we can see, the latest episode of Bleach took the number one spot in its timeslot among key adults and males, while Naruto and One Piece also sat pretty atop the charts in their timeslot among adults 18-34 and all targeted men. Pretty impressive stuff, really. Even better, Soul Eater managed to eek out some decent numbers of its own, taking the number one spot at 1:30 a.m. Perhaps what’s most significant about this past weekend’s statistics is the fact that all TOONAMI premiere episodes increased doubly and triply across the board when put up against the same time periods at this point last year.

So what’s the take-away message here? Well, it’s really quite simple: people love them some anime. It’s good to see the shows doing so well — it certainly speaks to the West’s love of all things Japanese animation.