Night Riders and Wraithborne Released on OUYA

It’s impossible to tell when new stuff is going to hit the OUYA, but a new day has brought with it some noteworthy releases. The first is Night Riders — a 3D motorcycle checkpoint racer with a very unique visual style. Your rider and bike resemble early ’90s 3D models, with obvious polygons everywhere, while the road looks like a 16-bit one with the light-then-dark pattern on it. It’s got some modern shading on it, however, allowing it to blend old and new fairly well. The soundtrack doesn’t seem all that varied, but I dig the techno and it controls really well. The heavy color saturation against white instantly reminded me Night Driver — the first game I remember playing, and the first arcade game I ever played as well. That game had a similar look where you had to use your imagination to fill in the details of what wasn’t visible in the world, and this has the same kind of thing going on, but with better graphics.  It’s shockingly relaxing checkpoint racer, and at $2, this is an easy recommendation to purchase.

Wraithborne is a completely different animal and gives the OUYA some much-needed action RPG fare. It starts off with some shockingly good dramatic narration that avoids feeling like melodrama and then you get eased into the finer points of slicing and dicing enemies, blocking, and gathering up goodies. The free version gives you two stages to play through as much as you want, and if you like it, you can buy it. If you’re not quite sure, you’re still able to grind through those areas and increase your level if you ever do choose to buy it. $5 gets you the game, and in-app purchases are available if you don’t have enough in-game gems to upgrade items. Of the two, Night Rider was more enjoyable for me, but your mileage may vary.