R.I.P. Microsoft Points

We previously reported on a beta that would allow you to opt out of using Microsoft Points and instead adopt whatever local currency it is you are used to using. Well, now the time has come for everyone to say a teary-eyed goodbye to Microsoft Points, as it looks like Microsoft has decided to finally pull the plug on the long maligned point system. On a post on the Xbox Wire, Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten stated that this change was a “direct result of customer feedback” and that the transition will be “as easy as possible.” Current points cards will still be accepted (until further notice) and the new cards based on local currency will be made available shortly. The changes should take place as soon as the next update occurs.

Microsoft Points lived a long, full life that lasted almost the entirety of the Xbox 360’s lifespan. Microsoft Points were preceded in death by always on connection, DRM, and a slew of other terrible ideas. They will be survived by whatever local currency you typically use. Services will be held never, because no one is sad to see them go.