30 Years of WrestleMania Mode Announced For WWE 2K14

This morning, 2K Games announced that WWE 2K 14 will have a 30 Years of WrestleMania mode as its primary single-player campaign. Last year’s Attitude Era mode let you compete in virtual recreations of some of the era’s most defining matches (and at leaset one involving the Godfather as well). The scope of this mode is far grander, and covers the entire history of WrestleMania. Like WWE All-Stars before it, 2K14 is yet another WWE game with the TNA Wrestling-contracted Hulk Hogan. This means he’s officially been in as many WWE games since joining TNA, and that’s including the TNA Impact game app as a game, alongside the DS version of TNA Impact.
Both yellow and red Hogan as well as Hollywood Hogan will be featured, and at least his WM III and WM X8 matches will be featured – although with Savage and Warrior in the game, it’s a safe bet that his WM V and VI matches will be in the mode as well. The WM nostalgia vein has already been tapped before with an entire game in the form of Legends of WrestleMania, but this will at least feature more realistic-looking character models and may play better, so it might wind up being the best virtual recreation of those events yet. If nothing else, it should certainly be better than the Showdown: Legends of Wrestling recreations, unless Yuke’s decides to just not bug test the game and allow people to pin themselves with cradles they’re attempting.