FUNimation Brings Cowboy Bebop to Blu-ray

Well it’s about damn time: Cowboy Bebop, the series that is often synonymous with the entire anime medium, is finally coming to Blu-ray. Earlier today, FUNimation announced their plans to bring the famed show into the high-definition realm next year. They also discussed their intent to re-release the rare DVD version of the series, which will certainly delight fans unwilling to track down a copy of it. In addition to the unveiling, FUNimation released a trailer for the Blu-ray, which of course can be conveniently watched right below — so do yourself a favor and press that play button. If you haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop, it’s time to get stoked as come 2014 you’ll get to see one of anime’s best series in glorious HD.