PS4 Release Information to be Unveiled at Gamescom

Sony announced via their UK website that they will be providing gamers with concrete release day information at Gamescom 2013. Sony’s conference will start on August 20 at 18:00 BST which is approximately…some other time in whatever time zone you live in. In addition to their PS4 release plans, they also will have updates on the PS3 and Vita, the latter of which will hopefully be “hey, we are actually going to make some more games for the Vita.”

Normally this wouldn’t really be news, because “company says things about their stuff” is kind of what typically happens at these sort of conference and it would be stranger if they didn’t have anything to say about their products. However, we will at long last get some more specifics about the PS4 launch, and hopefully all the important details will be covered. It would be preferable if there announcement wasn’t just “we are announcing more announcements at Gamescom” but I guess that’s just part of the build-up. The suspense! The tease! We will keep you updated on PS4 news as updates occur, and hopefully after Gamescom we will know everything we need to know about the anticipated release.