Brand New Pokémon Anime Series This October

Remember when you woke up early on Saturday mornings to catch new episodes of Pokémon? And you couldn’t wait to see what Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock would do next? Then Team Rocket would always goof around and mess up somehow. Ash would catch something or win a badge. Those were some good times.  But we won’t be reliving those moments, that’s all history now.

Debuting in Japan on October 2 is a brand new series based on the events in Pokémon Red and Green. It is titled Pocket Monster: The Origin. We will follow the adventure of Pokémon trainer Red as he clashes with his rival, faces gym leaders and bonds with his Pokémon. The animation is darker in comparison to the current Pokémon anime with Ash and them. Some characters like Professor Oak, Brock and Lance have been given makeovers. A preview video shows Charmander taking a hard hit from Geodude and in the end a seemingly spiritual connection between Red and Charizard. Based on the footage the anime appears to be a slightly more dramatic show.

Many hardcore fans are already excited. It brings back all our childhood memories and adds new expectations. It will be entertaining and hopefully long-running. We have to catch them all again, from the beginning–and we’re happy to do so.