Mother 4 Teaser Trailer Released

Practically ignored on its initial release, Earthbound has become looked at as a bonafide classic in the past few years. It took twelve years for the follow-up to Mother 2 (Earthbound) to be released, and when it was, it as a Game Boy Advance game released only in Japan and not the blockbuster title that many were hoping for. Even more unfortunately, Mother 3 seemed to mark the end of the series as writer Shigesato Itoi has said there are no plans to make a fourth Mother game.

Apparently that’s not good enough for fans, as a team of amateur game designers have stepped up and decided to make Mother 4. A minute long teaser trailer of the game has been released and while it’s unclear exactly how much of the game is finished, it’s looking pretty slick so far. The game looks graphically similar and seems relatively polished considering its origins. While the game is set to be released completely free, and there’s a large disclaimer at the beginning of the video that it’s not in any way associated with Nintendo, we have to question whether or not the studio will really allow a project like this to come to fruition.

Mother 4 is due out in winter 2014.