Music Monday: August 19 Edition

It’s that time again: Music Monday! Up on the plate today is one of Japan’s lesser known pop stars, You Kikkawa. Some of you may recognize Kikkawa from her time in pop sensation Hello! Project. After a three year run with the famous super-group, Kikkawa decided to branch off on her own and take to the road as a solo act. Since then, she has put out two albums, the newest of which was released back in April of this year. Thus our jam today comes to you from that sophomore record, aptly dubbed “Two You.” The song you’re about to hear is titled ここから始まるんだ!, or for those who can’t read a lick of Japanese, Kokokara Hajimarunda!

The song is really a delight, and is clearly Vocaloid-inspired, what with its upbeat tempo and light-as-fluff feel. It’s hard not to have fun listening to it. In fact, if you don’t have fun listening to it, then clearly you A. don’t know what good music is, B. don’t have a heart, or the more likely answer, C. you’re a robot.