Walmart Kicks off Xbox One/PS4 Pre-Orders In Store on August 24

If you’re someone who demands the ability to buy a jug of Sunny D and a pack of Oreos with your next-gen console, you’re in luck as big box retailer Walmart has announced they will begin accepting PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders on August 24. It’s unknown why they waited so long to allow these, but perhaps they were holding off for a release date for one of the consoles to be announced, which happened today.

To pre-order the console, you simply need to provide a 10 percent down payment — $40 for the PS4 and $50 for the Xbox One. Payments can be made over time or in full when the console is available. Walmart will hold pre-ordered consoles until December 13, which is nice for those who need to pay it off in installments but want to be sure they’re guaranteed a console for Christmas.