Groupees Be Mine 9 Game and Charity Bundle Launched

The Be Mine bundle is back with some awesome stuff on sale for very little money. $1 gets you The Whispered World, Mini Motor Racing EVO, Splatter, Depths of Peril, and Particulars. For $5, you’ll get Eador: Masters of the Broken World and Genesis, as well as an OST for Broken World. Ittle Dew, a fantastic Legend of Zelda clone that is also on the OUYA, is part of this tier as is its OST. You’ll also get Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When you Can and its soundtrack, as well as Ring Runner, Night of the Sages, its OST, and a Ring Runner: Derelict Dreams novel. Once 7,500 bundles are sold, you’ll get The Car Bootleg EP. If you choose to donate to charity with this, 20% of your payment goes to Ariel Duell’s brain cancer fund.