Indie Royale Debut Bundle 4 Released

The fourth Indie Royale Debut bundle is upon us, and gives you seven games for under $4. That paltry sum gets you Block Story, ASA: A Space Adventure, BEWARE PLANET EARTH!, Diadra Empty, Bollywood Wannabe, and Undead Legions. This lineup gives you a mix of brick mining, shoot-em-up, twin stick shooting, tower defense, and even a slideshow game. If you’d like Vidboy’s “Metal Case, Mental Case” album, you can get it for spending $7 or more. This game lineup is reasonably decent, but nothing seems to send it into “must-buy” territory. There’s a mystery game that will be unlocked at some point in the future, so if a couple of the games interest you, perhaps you’ll luck out and get something special there.