More Great Games Coming to PlayStation

At Gamescom 2013, Gearbox Software and 2K announced that they will be bringing the chaotic first-person shooter Borderlands 2 to the PlayStation Vita. As written on the PlayStation Blog, “PS Vita gives Borderlands 2 fans the ability to play the game anywhere they want, complete with of all the unique benefits of the Vita system, and will truly bring the four-player cooperative experience to the palms of your hands.” This announcement came as a surprise to many, as the Vita hasn’t really been shown the love it deserves.

However, Sony (SCEA) has no plans of stopping with Borderlands 2. Last night, SCEA announced that it will be launching Third Party Productions, a team set to work with third party developers on bringing their IP to Sony’ Platforms. You can check out the full post by Gio Corsi on the PlayStation Blog.

Before ending his announcement, Corsi invited gamers to send him requests for games they’d like to see on the PS4/Vita. You can comment on the Blog or bother him on Twitter.