Official Website Launches for Toriko: Ultimate Survival, New Screenshots Released

Bandai Namco Games have today launched the official website for the upcoming 3DS action game, Toriko Ultimate Survival. The interactive website touts many of the features in to expect in the game, although it’s currently pretty barren with more sections set to unlock in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, because of its image-based nature, it’s impossible to translate with Google.

Although widely unknown to western audiences, Toriko is a Japanese weekly manga series that appears in Shonen Jump. It’s since been collected in a whopping twenty-five volumes, many of which have made their way to the United States. Additionally, Viz Media has licensed the anime adaption and has begun to localize them this year. Even though the series launched just five years ago, four games have already been produced, with two for the PSP and two for the 3DS.

Toriko Ultimate Survival is due out November 28 for  5,998¥ (about $60) in Japan and will support up to four players. It seems unlikely to receive a localization. New screenshots were released alongside the website which can be seen in their non-website glory below (thanks, Hero of Legend!):