Indie Gala Flashpoint Bundle Released

The Indie Gala Flashpoint bundle has gone live and lets you get four games for a mere dollar, or eight for $4. $1 gets you Knytt Underground, Saira, Musaic Box, and Yumsters 2 – as well as three albums. $4 gets you everything there, plus Hammerfight, Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition and its DLC, and Ignite. This bundle gets you a lot of artsy platforming with Knytt and Saira, some puzzling with Musaic and Yumsters, shooting with Hammerfight, horror with Afterfall, and racing with Ignite. Everything in the bundle unlocks on Steam, with Knytt also activating on Desura. Anyone who spends at least $1 will also get three extra bonus games next week.