Rousey and Tate Coming to EA Sports UFC

EA announced today that at least two of the UFC’s female roster will be featured in EA Sports UFC. While Liz Carmouche was in the first UFC women’s fight in history, it’s Ronda’s TUF coaching rival Miesha Tate that is being highlighted alongside Ronda. Months ago on the Hardcore Gamer Show, we discussed the idea of women in the UFC game and I brought up that I would love to see Ronda either on the cover or on a reversible cover.

It’s worth noting that while this is the first UFC game to feature real-life female fighters, the Dreamcast UFC game as well as UFC Tapout on the first Xbox (but not Xbox One, got that?) had a fictional female character. The God-awful Supremacy MMA game also featured real-life female fighters, while EA MMA surprisingly didn’t feature any despite women not being in the UFC at the time and being able to be signed up without much of an issue. It will be exciting to finally play as an officially licensed version of Ronda Rousey in a UFC game, after having a lot of fun using creations of her in WWF No Mercy and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns — this game should really get across just how violent her armbar can be with its real-time deformation of body parts.