Focus Home Interactive Sale Hits Steam

Focus’s entire back catalog is being heavily discounted on Steam until September 9. If you’d like to own everything they’ve ever made, you can get it for 75% off — taking it from $240 down to $60. Major titles on sale include Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition for $7.50, Cities XL Platinum for a hair over $10, Divinity II: Developer’s Cut for $5, Game of Thrones for $7.50 with DLC ranging from 25 cents to $1.24, Game of Thrones: Genesis for $5, or a bundle with that and GoT for $10. Virtual DJ is $12.50, while Another World (aka Out of This World) has a 20th Anniversary Edition that will only set you back $2.50. The Sherlock Holmes Collection will only set you back $8.74, or you can pick up individual games for 75% off – but the bundle offers up the best savings. Rotastic is $2.50, as are Runaway games, and City Life 2008.