Disgaea 4’s Return to PS Vita Teased in New Trailer

While many have undoubtedly gotten their fill of Disgaea 4 when it was released two years ago on PS3, the countless hours required to master a game in the series is the perfect fit for a handheld. Disgaea 3 proved it last year on Vita, with Absence of Detention occupying all of the free moments of one’s day with quick ventures into the Netherworld. Disgaea 4 will get similar treatment next year, with Disgaea 4: Return coming to PS Vita. A trailer was released today that briefly teases the title and confirms its release date in Japan (January 30) and price (5,980 yen — about $60 U.S.). That’s about it, with most of the trailer occupied by studio logos and stills of characters.

Thankfully, unlike Battle Princess of Arcadias, this is one NIS game likely to receive localization. Check out the trailer below.